Hidden Gems – Your next star 2 year old may not be at the auction.

It’s currently around 33 degrees outside and the horses are all lazily stood in the shade, swatting flies away with their tails, or grooming one another.  It does not seem possible that many of them are racing thoroughbreds who have, or hopefully will, won numerous races for their owners – they move slowly, if at all, in an attempt to relieve the heat.  All very sedate for them, but not so for the team here at Abacus Bloodstock.


Yearling Prep now underway 


This time of year we can generally leave all the horses out due to the weather; which means its time to catch up on the painting and repairs needed to keep our little part of the world, and the horses who live in it, as well kept as possible.

On top of this is the yearling preparation – all fillies this year and all amongst the best we have bred from a potential race winner viewpoint.  The visit from Goffs to assess the entries this year resulted in two of the fillies being accepted in the Silver Sale with the other two always destined to go straight to racing – one as she is owned by a client, and the other as she will replace her dam Littlemore Lass who we sadly lost last year.

What is sad is that the two sale fillies could, in the opinion of the auctioneer, have been Premier yearlings but for their sires and the likely interest that would generate – or not.  One is by a Group winning son of Dark Angel and the other a Group 1 winner who


Garswood – Group winners not enough to make him fashionable!

produced 2 Group winners in his first crop, but who, in only his second crop, seems to have been written off already!  One of the fillies is by a 2yo winning mare who has produced the winners of 15 races in the UK and Europe and yet we have decided it is not viable to send them to the sales as, after fees, transport, staff, hotels etc. we would be unlikely to see any profit.

As a result, we are able to sell these fillies at a very reasonable price privately (please click here to visit our sale pages if you are interested) but it is a sad reflection that such high class, proven pedigrees seem to be so out of fashion.  However, that also means that there are some real gems to be found through private sales as many of them will not be offered at auction due to these market pressures on breeders. 

The days of the small breeder, not to mention the diverse pedigree, seems to be rapidly


Hidden gems to be found through private sales.

disappearing.  This will inevitably lead to poorer racing and less access for new owners.  Sadly it will, and in many cases has already, led to the closure of studs and the loss of jobs and skills from the industry.  Once gone, they will be hard, if not impossible to replace.  Good luck to all us small breeders who strive to keep going – the support of owners and trainers is so important for the future of racing and for the jobs and businesses which rely on it in all areas of the sport.  And if you are looking for a well bred, athletic youngster be aware, the best of them may not be at the auction!

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